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Making Dauntless

It’s been a wild ride watching our debut title, Dauntless, grow into a community of over 20 million players worldwide.

In this massively multiplayer online action RPG, brave Slayers band together to battle ferocious Behemoths that threaten their world. They forge their legends in a vibrant, science-fantasy world that’s ever-evolving through regular content and game updates.

Crossplay & cross-progression: the “One Dauntless” dream

Our goal for every Phoenix Labs game is that it brings players together. Beyond building a great game experience in Dauntless, we knew we’d also need to tackle crossplay and cross-progression.

For too long, platform choice has been a limiting factor for groups of friends who want to play together. Either you and friends have to choose the same platform, or you can’t play with each other. Once you’ve chosen a platform, you’re locked in. Either stick with that platform, or you’d have to start over from scratch if you want to switch.

For Dauntless, we wanted to make it so that Slayers could focus on playing with friends, no matter the platform. Got a friend on PC, another on Xbox One, and another on PlayStation 4, while you’re on Nintendo Switch? No problem. With cross-play, you can all hunt and chat together.

We also wanted Slayers to have their full progress, no matter which system they’re on that day. Usually a PC player, but feel like running through an Escalation on your Xbox from the couch? Just log in and play. Your hard-earned gear, quest progress, cosmetics, and more are all there.

We call this vision “One Dauntless.” In May 2019, One Dauntless came true. We became the first game to launch on the Epic Games store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with true crossplay and cross-progression. In December 2019, we also debuted the game on Nintendo Switch.

Since then, our incredible community of Slayers has grown tremendously. They are our inspiration, and we hope to serve them with more deep multiplayer game experiences for years to come.

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What the press is saying about Dauntless


“An absolute triumph.”



“A crossplay gem.”



“One of the best, most original, and most polished games in the free-to-play space.”

Playstation Universe


“A new standard for cross-play.”



“Insanely fun and accessible monster hunting action.”



“It’s all monster slaying, all the time.”

Game Informer