Environment Concept Artist


Phoenix Labs is looking for an exceptional Concept Artist with a focus on Environment art, to join our world class world building team! The successful applicant will assist the Art Director in defining the look and feel of new cultures, civilizations, and ecosystems of the Shattered Isles. They’ll be called upon to bring life, depth and richness to the Dauntless universe through both blue-sky conceptual work and detailed, accurate production designs of full environments all the way down to individual props.

Applicants must live within commuting distance to Phoenix Labs’ Vancouver studio. This is a full-time, permanent position and is not suitable for remote work.


  • Work with Directors and Feature Leads to explore themes for locales and objects in the world of the Shattered isles. Help by brainstorming and creating moodboards to communicate ideas and goals.
  • Create compelling high level concept art to make tangible the visions for new environments, as well as detailed production design breakouts for 3D artists to build the assets.
  • Support internal and external production artists by giving paintovers, and feedback to help achieve the artistic vision.
  • Work collaboratively with level designers and 3D artists that balance creative vision with the realities of technical limitations and a date-based schedule.
  • Work with VFX artists to create concepts for environment VFX that add life and depth to the world, as well as designs for environmental gameplay modifiers.


  • Ability to create stylized designs for environments that are appealing, memorable, compelling, and express the personality, backstory, and mood of the area.
  • Digital art proficiency (Photoshop/Painter).
  • Ability to create designs that are thematically aligned with gameplay experiences.
  • Love for the visual style of Dauntless and a passion to push it to the next level.


  • Experience in game engines (UE4/Unity)
  • Experience working with outsourcing teams
  • Experience in video game development pipelines