Audio Director


Phoenix Labs is looking for a talented and experienced Audio Director to work on our flagship title, Dauntless. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, expertise in managing & producing audio projects, priorities, schedules and team members, and strong creative vision. This role is dynamic and multifaceted, working across multi-disciplinary teams to craft an end to end audio vision and delivering a high quality and engaging audio experience for players around the world.

Phoenix Labs is located in Vancouver, BC. Applicants must live within commuting distance to the studio. Due to the information security concerns, complexity of the daily work, and other factors, this job is unsuitable for remote employees. This is a full-time, permanent position. Please note that while music is critical to the emotional impact of the game, this position will not involve any composition work.


Individual Contributor
  • Create and implement audio assets across all aspects of the project.
  • Own technical implementation for own created assets, via both the audio engine and the game engine.
Leadership and Management
  • Point of contact at the studio for all aspects of audio.
  • Audio mentorship and training of new staff.
  • On-going audio team management.
  • Audio equipment and software license purchase and management.
  • Liaising with other discipline directors to align on product vision.
  • Stay on top of production and scheduling developments.
  • Assigning team allocation and overall strategy in order to hit deadlines and keep team happy.
  • Constant evaluation of staffing in order to ensure dev needs are met.
  • Be the voice of audio externally: engage in PR (e.g. interviews, dev diaries) and community outreach (e.g. reddit, twitter).
Audio Creative Leadership
  • Advise and mentor others through creative sound problems.
  • Have a good ear for mixing and own the mix of the game.
  • Handle music direction and vision, communicate it with composers.
  • Handle VO direction and style, communicate with actors and external studios.
  • Contribute to marketing material creation.
Technical and Systems
  • Own technical and tools vision.
  • Find opportunities for efficiency improvements.
  • Understand all aspects of audio implementation as well as all other content disciplines processes & content.
  • Handle audio memory and performance management.
  • Communicate and work with programming to build tools.
  • Train and guide audio team on tools and systems, as well as create and maintain documentation on tools and systems.
  • Troubleshoot technical bugs and own keeping the build free from audio bugs.
  • Troubleshooting audio equipment, both for the audio team and the studio (e.g. meeting rooms, presentations).


  • 7+ years working in the video games industry - has had experience in all phases of audio design and production with proficiency in every step of the pipeline; studio and location recording, from precision editing and design to technical implementation.
  • Familiarity with Unreal editor.
  • Familiarity with Audiokinetic Wwise.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills with the ability to focus on both the big picture and the small details.
  • Ability to operate effectively and positively in an open feedback environment.
  • Strong drive for quality with the ability to inspire it in others.
  • Current knowledge of gaming trends.