Technical Artist, Procedural Systems (Senior, Principal, or Lead) - New IP

Tech Art Hybrid - Montreal Hybrid - Vancouver Remote - Canada Remote - USA

Greetings from Phoenix Labs!

Whether you’re hunting behemoths with your friends in Dauntless or rekindling the magical energy of Azoria in Fae Farm, our worlds empower players to share enduring stories like never before. Around here, we believe people are the ends, not the means. It’s how we strive to be a destination for developers who wish to collaborate on making timeless games enjoyed by players all over the world.

We are looking for an experienced Technical Artist specializing in Procedural Systems to join one of our unannounced original IPs. In this role, you’ll collaborate with other disciplines to create new pipelines, improve existing ones, and develop new tools. You have an agile and flexible mindset, excellent communication & collaboration, and have a deep passion for games. 


  • Research, define, improve, and maintain artist pipelines, tools, and workflows
  • Develop powerful and efficient workflows and tools for the Art team using Houdini
  • Create Houdini Digital Assets to help increase quality and productivity for modular environment elements, dynamically modeled props, and procedural placement
  • Help reduce the workload of creating repetitive and complex assets through procedural techniques
  • Create physics simulation animation data for playback in the engine
  • Generate effects texture sheets using particles, pyro, and fluids for use in real-time particle systems
  • Develop and support procedural world creation systems using Houdini
  • Work closely with content teams to support them with procedural solutions where applicable. 
  • Quickly prototype tools and processes in order to validate ideas


  • Complete understanding of game workflows and pipelines
  • Strong knowledge of Houdini, with a focus on game integration/development
  • Unreal Engine 5 experience
  • Proficient use of Blueprints and Niagara (with a focus on Houdini integration)
  • Solid understanding of 3D math
  • Destruction pipelines (both runtime and baked)

Bonus Requirements

  • Experience with Substance Designer
  • Experience with third party terrain generators (Gaea, World Creator)


  • Several years experience as a procedural tech artist with a strong knowledge of Houdini and Unreal. 
  • Fluent knowledge of VEX or VOPs, Python, and the Hou Module
  • Good understanding of Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, and Algorithms


Who We Are

We make games because we love them, and we love the way they inspire us, bring us together, and enrich our lives. Our mosaic community of game developers is united by shared values and a desire to innovate and create new kinds of core, lifestyle, multiplayer games. Phoenix Labs has physical studios located in Vancouver (BC) and Montreal, but we are open to remote or hybrid for most of our roles.  We offer relocation + visa sponsorship for qualified candidates, as needed.