Greetings from Phoenix Labs!

Whether you’re hunting behemoths with your friends in Dauntless or rekindling the magical energy of Azoria in Fae Farm, our worlds empower players to share enduring stories like never before. Around here, we believe people are the ends, not the means. It’s how we strive to be a destination for developers who wish to collaborate on making timeless games enjoyed by players all over the world.

Phoenix Labs are seeking a talented and innovative Economy Director for an ambitious new IP. In this role, you will set the vision and lead the effort to develop a compelling economy. Your passion for game design, economics, and player engagement will inspire the product team to create a captivating and immersive gaming environment. As a key leader on our team, you will prototype and iterate on economy systems, collaborate with various teams, and drive the continuous improvement of our game's economy. If you are a creative thinker with a deep understanding of player motivations, this is a unique opportunity to create an innovative economy that is central to the product’s success.


  • Take ownership and lead the development of economy and progression systems, ensuring integration and alignment with the overall game experience.
  • Inspire the team by providing a holistic vision of the game economy, driving growth, and enhancing the player experience through innovative and engaging design concepts.
  • Develop simulations and iterate on economy systems to optimize their performance in a live environment, using user feedback, analytics, and design goals to continuously improve game systems.
  • Support the establishment of a community of practice within our organization, fostering knowledge sharing and best practices in economy design and monetization.
  • Actively engage in debates with design and live operations teams to refine design concepts, systems, and mechanics, ensuring alignment with the overall vision of the game.
  • Collaborate with the Liveops and Monetization teams to design telemetry and live operations tools, enabling effective monitoring and management of the game economy.
  • Continuously explore novel economic models to create innovative player experiences and drive business growth.
  • Work closely with creative, design, and technical teams to align on goals and outcomes, ensuring the game economy enhances the overall player experience.
  • Assess revenue strategy needs of the teams and effectively communicate and align with the leadership team to implement appropriate solutions.
  • Explore micro-segmentation of players and align the game economy to cater to the core motivations of different player archetypes, enhancing player engagement and satisfaction.


  • Demonstrable professional experience as a key leader for a Game Economy, from early concept through to release and live operations.
  • In depth knowledge of Games as a Service.
  • Experience working on game balance, economy features and monetization.  
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of game design theory, play patterns and player personas.
  • Proficient at data-related activities like data mining and analytics.
  • Highly capable with data-related tools like Excel and


  • Degree in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or Sociology.
  • Experience supporting games with large player bases.



Who We Are

We make games because we love them, and we love the way they inspire us, bring us together, and enrich our lives. Our mosaic community of game developers is united by shared values and a desire to innovate and create new kinds of core, lifestyle, multiplayer games. Phoenix Labs has physical studios located in Vancouver (BC) and Montreal, but we are open to remote or hybrid for most of our roles.  We offer relocation + visa sponsorship for qualified candidates, as needed.