Senior Systems Designer - New IP

Design SF Bay Area, CA

Greetings from Phoenix Labs!

Whether you’re hunting behemoths with your friends in Dauntless or rekindling the magical energy of Azoria in Fae Farm, our worlds empower players to share enduring stories like never before. Around here, we believe people are the ends, not the means. It’s how we strive to be a destination for developers who wish to collaborate on making timeless games enjoyed by players all over the world.

Role Summary

As a Senior Systems Designer, you will work on an original new cross-platform free-to-play multiplayer action game in an original IP; collaborating with engineers, artists, and other designers to assist in the creation of new gameplay, social, and progression systems for our new project. You will be instrumental in defining the way our players play and progress through our game.


  • Own large portions of the game’s features and system design; responsible for driving the multidisciplinary team building them from conception through to launch
  • Pitch, design, prototype, implement, and iterate on game designs core to the game’s experience
  • Responsible for running playtests, evaluating feedback, reviewing data, and proposing and implementing updates for their systems and designs
  • Remain current on game industry trends including new games and game genres, emerging game design methods and techniques


  • 5+ years’ experience in professional game design
  • Strong sense of key components that drive early, mid, and late game retention and other core KPIs
  • Deep knowledge of metagame systems and best practices in both Mobile and the HD (Console & PC)
  • Experienced at using data, analytics, and other forms of validation to inform game and systems tuning
  • Worked on at least one AAA online game and owned a significant portion of the systems design
  • Passion for video games, with a relentless thirst for learning from playing them


  • Experience in social systems, meta-game systems, and/or monetization
  • Experience with Unreal Engine
  • A strong technical background, with proficiency at scripting and ability to read and modify C++ code
  • Experience working on a multi-platform game
  • A deep passion and experience with competitive multiplayer games
  • Competence in other disciplines, such as programming, art creation, or production

Who We Are

We make games because we love them, and we love the way they inspire us, bring us together, and enrich our lives. Our mosaic community of game developers is united by shared values and a desire to innovate and create new kinds of core, lifestyle, multiplayer games. Phoenix Labs has teams located in Vancouver (BC), Montreal, and San Mateo.  We offer relocation + visa sponsorship as needed.