Senior Technical Artist - Rigging - Fae Farm

Tech Art Vancouver, BC

Greetings from Phoenix Labs!

Whether you’re hunting behemoths with your friends in Dauntless or rekindling the magical energy of Azoria in Fae Farm, our worlds empower players to share enduring stories like never before. Around here, we believe people are the ends, not the means. It’s how we strive to be a destination for developers who wish to collaborate on making timeless games enjoyed by players all over the world.

Right now, we are looking for an experienced Technical Artist with a specialization in rigging and technical animation to join our cozy farm sim game, Fae Farm (as well as potentially helping with other unannounced projects). This person will collaborate with various disciplines to help build our character and animation pipelines, rigging systems, runtime engine problem solving, and overall animation tools.


  • Design complex unique and modular rigging and skin deformation systems
  • Help design workflows and pipelines, while deploying tools to improve production processes
  • Implement techniques to solve complex character and animation challenges
  • Partner closely with character artists, animators, and gameplay programmers to implement/troubleshoot various assets into the game
  • Research and develop tools, approaches, and solutions to complex problems
  • Highly proficient communication skills and capacity to act as an ambassador between art and engineering


  • Several years of technical art/rigging/animation experience with multiple shipped game titles or related entertainment products
  • Experience with Unreal Engine
  • Experience with Maya
  • Knowledge of Blender is a plus
  • Strong ability in evaluating and improving current assets, tools, and systems 
  • Strong knowledge of game constraints and various approaches to create high quality game experiences
  • A strong understand of the animation principles to help the animator achieve a high level of appeal

Who We Are

We make games because we love them, and we love the way they inspire us, bring us together, and enrich our lives. Our mosaic community of game developers is united by shared values and a desire to innovate and create new kinds of core, lifestyle, multiplayer games. Phoenix Labs has teams located in Vancouver (BC), Montreal, and San Mateo.  We offer relocation + visa sponsorship as needed.